Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya (UPC)- Signal Processing for Communications Group

Brief description of the organisation

The Signal Processing and Communications Group (SPCOM) performs research and teaching activities in the Signal Theory and Communications Department (TSC) of UPC. Research activities are focused on three main lines:

  • Personal and Mobile Communications,
  • Ground and On-Board Satellite Processing for Digital Communications, and
  • Satellite Navigation Systems.

These research activities and technology projects are supported by the Spanish and Regional Government, National/International Industries and European projects. The SPCOM group is composed of 3 Professors, 7 Associate Professors and 2 Assistant Professors. The group is responsible for teaching undergraduate and Master Programs at three Engineering schools and Technical colleges of UPC, and at the Signal Theory and Communications Department Doctoral Program.

Main tasks attributed in the project

WP1: Administrative and financial coordinator.
WP2: Contribute to the definition of the system requirements and the scenarios. Dissemination of results in international conferences, journals, patent filing and activities of the ICT Programme. Fulfilment of PhD and Master thesis.
WP3: Develop advanced PHY techniques for femto-based network (cooperation and coordination).
WP4: Evaluation of MAC protocol definitions for the techniques developed in WP3.
WP5: Evaluation of the techniques developed in WP3 at system level.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks

UPC has had a very significant involvement in coordinating previous IST projects as METRA, I-METRA, ARROWS, EVEREST, ROMANTIK, SURFACE and ROCKET. This group lead the Adaptive Antenna algorithmic development in the ACTS projects TSUNAMI, TSUNAMI(II) and SUNBEAM. In the Fifth Framework Programme of IST this group coordinated the METRA and I-METRA projects, focussed on MIMO technologies for UMTS, and the ROMANTIK project, which investigated for the first time in IST advanced transceiver algorithms for cooperative upgraded 3G networks. The group has made contributions to 3GPP and 802.11. Other participations were in the projects SATURN, FITNESS, EMILY, FIREWORKS and the NEXWAY Thematic Network. In the Seven Framework Programme the group is currently coordinating the project ROCKET. Further info at http://gps-tsc.upc.edu/spcom.