Czech Technical University (CTU) - Department of Telecommunication Engineering

Brief description of the organisation

The Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague is the biggest technical university in Czech Republic, founded 300 years ago. The university is composed of seven faculties, where study together more than 25 000 students. The project team of CTU is from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunication Engineering.

The department performs teaching (bachelor, master and doctoral study programs) and research activities in the telecommunication domain. The department includes about 30 teachers and researchers and about 50 Ph.D. students. Expertise of the group includes design and development of telecommunications blocks, planning and optimization of wired/wireless networks, QoS and performance analysis, digital signal processing, ciphering algorithms and security architecture, development of messaging-based and location based services, industrial data collection through wired/wireless network, and distant education. The researchers of the department are currently involved in a EU FP7 project ROCKET and a Leonardo da Vinci project ELefANTS 2 and they take part in research activities of academic association CESNET (that has participated in several EU projects such as GN2 or LOBSTER). The group is further involved in several projects funded by Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The department disposes of R&D Centre for mobile application that represents a fully operational experimental 2,5G network. Within the centre, several projects founded by third parties (Vodafone, IBM, Ericsson, etc.) are under work from area of mobile and wireless networks.

Main tasks attributed in the project

CTU will be mainly involved in WP4, contributing to all activities with major focus on mobility and radio resource management. Further, CTU will contribute to WP5 with optimization of secure transmission over backbone. The CTU will be also involved in WP1 in which it will participate on specification of operational scenarios and on dissemination of FREEDOM results through scientific and technical conferences, journals, teaching courses, student’s projects and thesis.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks

The current project team was involved in EU FP5&FP6 projects ALLIPRO and FIREWORKS. Currently the team is involved in EU FP7 project ROCKET. Additionally, the team closely cooperates with many Telco companies based in Czech Republic (Vodafone, Sitronics, Cisco, etc,) and work on joint projects. Through participation in these projects the team gained profound know-how in 3G/B3G and IEEE802.11/16 systems such as issues related to handovers, power control, link adaptation, L2/MAC signalling and optimization, cross layer interactions, or mesh networking.