Commissariat a l'énergie atomique (CEA)


Brief description of the organisation

Direction de la Recherche Technologique at CEA, the French Atomic Energy Commission. It mainly aims at helping companies to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfer of its technical know-how to industry. With a staff of approximately 2000 people, the Research and Technolgy department of CEA is one of the major Research and Technoloy Organization (RTO) in Europe. CEA devotes about 75% of this activity to finalized research with external partners. One of its main vocations is to help companies to increase their competitiveness through innovation and research-to-industry technological transferring. CEA has also an active patent policy (portfolio of about 500 patents, and more than 140 filings/year) and the licensing of its technologies. The CEA, which is actively engaged in research work extending from conceptual design of systems to pre-industrial prototypes, contributes to the transfer of technology and encourages innovation, particularly by assisting the emergence of new businesses.

Main tasks attributed in the project

CEA will contribute to WP3 on smart algorithm for femtocells cooperation and WP4 on development of algorithms for handover and routing protocols. The results of WP4 will be prototype in the WP6.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks

In the field of wireless systems, CEA has a 12 years experience, with both theoretical (modulation, coding, DSSS, TDMA, asynchronous and synchronous CDMA, joint detection for UMTS FDD, MC-CDMA, UWB, etc.) and practical know-how (channel characterization, implementation and evaluation of various radio systems, ASIC and SOC design, etc.). The CEA has integrated a core group of highly experienced people coming from Motorola Labs Paris. With a great expertise in next generations wireless systems as WiMax, LTE-A or 802.11vht and their integration at the IP level. The CEA team which will participate to the project has moved from Motorola labs where they have actively participate to standard definition as IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.16, LTE-A and IETF.

CEA has been involved in many EU projects, such as SENSEI, FIREWORKS, ROCKET, UNITE, CODIV, WINNER/WINNER+. where the topics being dealt with in the current proposal were dealt with. Through participation in these projects, extensive experience has been achieved and contributions have been done in the areas of the current project, i.e., radio resource management, and propagation and channel modelling, routing, seamless HO, mobile IP, prototypes and cross-layer optimization. Since several years, CEA is working on optimization in wireless communication devices and networks which produced a significant track record in patents and top-level conferences.