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Brief description of the organisation

Sequans Communications is a French SME with global presence. Sequans Communications is the industry leader in fixed and mobile WiMAX semiconductor solutions based on IEEE standards, delivering unrivaled performance in coverage, capacity, functionality and power consumption. These low power, high throughput solutions are inherited from a long-lasting R&D involvement, giving to Sequans’ products the leading-edge innovations.

Main tasks attributed in the project

Sequans will lead WP2 and contribute to the definition of system scenarios and requirements. In addition, Sequans will be involved in WP3 and WP6 to develop toolbox to allow interference avoidance. As technical features, a specific attention will be given to the interference avoidance as well as mean to synchronize TDD BS when GPS is not available. The development of a prototype of small BS (pico/femto) for the WiMAX standard is considered in WP6.

The development will be based on existing boards which will be improved by integration of some outcomes of the project.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks

Sequans has developed expertise in WiMAX, providing System on Chip solutions. In addition, Sequans is onvolved in national and European projects. Sequans is for instance currently leading the WiMAGIC project (IST-FP7), aiming at defining buildings blocs for next generation wireless systems (such as 802.16m).