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Brief description of the organisation

The company is an SME based in France, China and Canada with expertise in 3D terrain modeling, wireless propagation simulation and wireless network planning and optimization.

SIRADEL is one of the main European suppliers of geographic databases dedicated to the planning of broadcast and 3G radio networks. SIRADEL develops and sells the Volcano software propagation engine, featuring the best propagation models available on the market. VolcanoLab is its new product aimed at realizing multi-system radio planning tasks including broadcast, cellular and indoor networks in all kinds of environment (rural to indoor).

Volcano is a software component which, when interfaced with a radio network planning tool, allows enhanced, highaccuracy, radio coverage predictions to be carried out and networks performance optimisation calculations. SIRADEL also provides expertise consulting based on the scientific and technical operational knowledge that has been developed in the company through many years of experience in Telecommunication, Broadcasting and Radar military and civil works.

Main tasks attributed in the project

SIRADEL will be involved in WP3 and WP5, contributing to the PHY level and system level propagation and interference modelling: useful signal and interference, and network modelling and optimization. Investigation on reliable link models for femto-macro and femto-femto will be provided. SIRADEL will also participate at the proof-of-concept activities of WP6 at the simulation and experiment levels. SIRADEL will also support the system requirements and business case activities in 2A1 and 2A3, respectively.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks

SIRADEL participates in several academic and industrial research programs in telecommunications, aimed at the planning of new networks (4G, 3G LTE, 3G, WiFi, Wimax, TD-SCDMA, indoor/outdoor, Digital TV) and is an active member of the COST 2100 European research group entitled “Ambient and pervasive networks”.

SIRADEL’s R&D team is currently working on new technologies and standards for future releases of Volcano with some R&D partners in the frame of Regional, National and International Telecom Research Projects: WHERE and UCELLS (FP7/ICT/STREP), PLUTO (FP6/IST/STREP), Rhodos, Recitent, Lao Tseu, Iroise and formerly SIRADEL has been contractor for TDF/CCETT on Motivate project.